Tree Planting Priority Index

In 2023, Clean & Green Pomona published their Tree Planting Priority Index, a method of systematically evaluating inequities in Pomona’s urban forest, and prioritizing areas for planting efforts. The model:

  • Uses 12 indicators that characterize environmental burdens, deficits in green infrastructure, and socioeconomic challenges at the census tract level.
  • Uses an ordinal ranking system to provide a relative score of census tracts for each factor, in comparison to other census tracts in the city.
  • Uses a scoring system in which the rankings of each indicator are averaged to determine an environmental burden score, a green deficit score, and a demographic score for each census tract.
  • Combines each of these component scores to produce a Tree Planting Priority Score for each census tract, relative to other census tracts in the City.

It is important to note that the tree planting priority score only rank-orders the census tracts in the city, based on the factors that are included in the model. It does not identify a benchmark of adequate tree cover, nor does it classify communities as “healthy” or “poor” in terms of its urban forest. A census tract with a low priority score should not be interpreted as having adequate tree canopy coverage or free of other challenges.

The report targets eight neighborhoods as the highest priority:

  1. East Holt Avenue
  2. Barfield
  3. East Mission Boulevard
  4. Willie White Park
  5. Allison
  6. Hamilton Park
  7. Lopez
  8. Washington Park

We encourage your to read the full report